Trak Pro and "The Cloud"

The Cloud

Ahh, the Cloud, the Cloud, the Cloud...

There are many misconceptions surrounding "the Cloud", such as what it is and how best to use it.

Let's take some of the mystery out of "the Cloud". "The Cloud" is simply someone else's computer that you can access over an Internet Connection. That's it. Nothing magical at all.

This "other computer" that you have access to could have your data, your applications, or both stored on it.

Your Organization's IT people often promote "the Cloud" for these reasons:

  • They don't have to directly support "Cloud" computers.
  • They only have to grant local workstations access to the Internet, and their job is done.
  • Typically, backup operations are done by the vendor providing the "Cloud" computers.

Your Organization's Ticket System Users often dislike and avoid "the Cloud" for these reasons:

  • Internet Connection to the Cloud Service might be slow or non existant at busy times.
  • Data retreival and mining are often more difficult, because your data is not on site.

Your Organization's ticket customers EXPECT "the Cloud":

  • Principly, in the form of buying tickets on the Internet.
What to Do?

Trak Pro Offers THREE ways to Utilize "the Cloud"

BE the Cloud

You can deploy Trak Pro on your local servers and workstations. Your servers provide cloud based access to external customers and outside staff. You are the Cloud for these customers and users..

This in fact, is the preferred way to deploy Trak Pro. You gain ALL the utility of Cloud "features", with none of the speed or access drawbacks.

True, you will have the investment of local machines and IT staff tasks, but the payback is in more stable operation, faster speeds and lower fees.

USE the Cloud

You can deploy Trak Pro on your local workstations for Point of Sale Operations, yet LEASE a Cloud Based AZURE SQL Server from Microsoft.

Your IT staff does not have to maintain the server; nor will they have to do backups or software upgrades.

However, this is no magic bullet..There are monthly fees associated with this, starting at around $200.00 a month. You will either pay for a machine and your staff directly; or pay per month for someone else's machine and staff.

LIVE IN the Cloud

You can use our BOX OFFICE AVENUE service and live COMPLETELY in the Cloud. All you need locally is an Internet Connection and a PC with a Browser.

All your ticketing applications and data will reside on our servers, located in various parts of the country.

Your IT staff will not have to maintain the servers, nor will they have to do backups or software upgrades.

You will share server space with other NCS Customers. While you won't have your own dedicated server, you pay no monthly server lease fee. Instead, you pay fees on each ticket you issue.