Retail Sales with Trak Pro

Your sales won't stop with Tickets! With Trak Pro 3.0, you can operate an entire retail merchandise outlet, just like the "big boys". Here is a shot of the merchandise lookup screen from the POS Module. Your operators are presented with easy to identify buttons, with product names and photos. You can also scan bar codes in your items, but we can't show a screen shot of that happening...

Once an item is selected, your operator is presented with a dialog window to add the item to the customer's shopping cart. Out of stock items result in a warning message to the operator.

Sales can take place in your facility, or on the web. You can opt to have any available retail merchandise to sell on your internet ticketing portal with the click of the mouse.

Take advantage of every opportunity to sell to your customers during ALL points of contact!

Your Retail Sales Assemblies can be organized in a limitless number of categories and related sub categories. This makes it easier to find items using different search criteria.

Trak Pro earns its name by tracking your inventory. Items are automatically deducted from your inventory as you sell them. You can browse your inventory in the ADMIN Module, looking for items that might need re-ordering. You can generate re-order reports, sales figures and issue Purchase Orders to your suppliers.

Get comprehensive breakdowns of your retail sales activity. Here is an exerpt from an on-screen report run from the Report Module. These reports can be saved as MS Excel Spreadsheets.