3D Venue Views with Trak Pro

Simple 3D View

You can see your venue in 3D. Pictured above is a simple theatre with a main floor and balcony. No floors or walls are shown, and the geometric models for the seats are simple, for clarity.

Simple 3D View

Here is the same theatre, with the view rotated, to get a different perspective on the seats.  Here's the Kicker:  YOU CAN SELECT SEATS FOR SALE IN 3D VIEWS!  No other ticketing system let's you do that!

Complex 3D View

Need More? Here is the calculated view from a seat in a mythical Podemska Field ballpark.

Complex 3D Object

Hey, you're not limited to simple blocky seats! The Trak Pro system comes with a library of 3D Objects that can populate your venue! Pictured above is some of the stage equipment, a keyboard.