Primary Support Page

Along the top of this panel you will find additional options for support:

Remote Helpdesk Remote HelpDesk Support

This allows an NCS Technician to "remote control" your computer so that problems can be corrected on your PC.  This service depends upon a Technician being available, AND YOU MUST CALL FIRST to arrange a Remote HelpDesk session.  Based upon the support contract you may have in place, charges may apply for Remote HelpDesk sessions.

Read Support Articles Product Knowledge Base

This allows you to search through and read support articles of various topics regarding our products. This is free, and we encourage you to drop by here and check for new articles from time to time.

Get Manuals in Adobe PDF Documentation and Manuals

This allows you to access and/or download any documentation available for the ticketing system you are using.  Most of our documentation is available in Adobe PDF file format, or in the form of Compiled Help Files for Windows,  There is never a charge for you to download documentation from our website.  If you want printed hard copies sent to you, there will be charges for that.

Report a Problem Report a Problem

This allows you to electronically report a problem to NCS Technicians.  While submitting a problem report is free, depending upon the nature of the problem you are reporting, and the support plan your organization has in place with NCS, there may be charges associated with ACTING on the problem.

Additional Support Additional Support

This will take you to a page of links to other companies and manufacturers of products and services that interface with our Point of Sale systems. Often, to resolve a problem, these other companies need to be contacted for support specific to the product or service they offer that NCS Software is integrated with.