About Our Beginning:

New Concepts Software was founded in 1987 as a sole proprietorship by Jon Czernel. The business was predicated on serving the custom software needs of local companies.

In 1988 Jon took on Monty Boleyn as a partner, and together they wrote many software packages that formed the backbone of the NCS product line. As an interesting historical footnote, the only non-business related software to be Co-authored by Jon and Monty was a video game called Trog. While fun and entertaining, it was not a wide commercial success. Click here for a sample of the game artwork.

Jon departed NCS in 1992 to move south, where he founded ImGen Solutions. Jon is currently working for IBM, and recently completed a world outreach program in Brazil.

New Concepts Software, Inc. was incorporated in Michigan in 1992 by Monty and his wife Debbie.

About Our Staff:

Monty Boleyn, Co-Founder:
Monty graduated from Wayne State University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He conducted his post graduate studies at Oakland University. All total, he has 25+ years experience in the computer and engineering fields.

Deborah Boleyn, Treasurer: Debbie graduated from Oakland Community College in 1992 with an Associate's Degree in Accounting. Prior to joining NCS full time, Debbie has been a Computer Systems Coordinator for a large mortgage firm for 6 years. Debbie will soon be leaving us in pursuit of her teaching career, as she is close to completing her EDU Studies at Baker College.

Jason Hargrave, Programmer / Technical Support:
Prior to joining NCS, Jason Worked as a Manager for Best Buy, and a Field Service Technician for CompUSA. Working with Programming and Graphic Design he brings a creative nature to the company which will lead us ahead in this aggressive market.

Steve Stewart , Sales Associate / Marketing:
Steve joined NCS in late 2010 and brings with him his years of experience in computer equipment retail, having managed the computer stores of Michigan Micro Computers, Hazel Park Computer Center and Eagle Computers.

Maggie Boleyn , RN, Free-Lance Writer:
Maggie graduated from the University of Detroit in 1990 with a Degree in Nursing. She fears the loss of polite society and damage to her good name should an actual picture be posted. Maggie often assists the NCS new product testing team by calling restaurants and picking up carry out orders.