Internet Ticketing with Trak Pro

Mobile Phone Sales

Today's Internet is MOBILE CENTRIC, with more than 50% of on line transactions now taking place on wireless mobile devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets.

With Trak Pro on-line ticketing, users will experience a clean, easy to navigate E-Commerce site, from their phone OR desktop!

With properly positioned, perfectly sized buttons and controls to operate with speed and accuracy using primarily your thumb. Our ticket portal also respects the user's ORIENTATION, smoothly adjusting between portrait and landscape phone positions.'

Your Attractions are displayed in an easy to read and understand list, with Show Tile Graphics and large, easy to use buttons for making selections or for viewing more Attraction Details.

Mobile Phone Sales
Mobile Phone Sales

Even when using smaller screen mobile devices, your customers can select the seats they want from clear, easy to use seating diagrams that are a snap to navigate even for the largest and most complex venues.

Seating diagrams can be "Zoomed IN or OUT" by shoppers, to accommodate their screen size and eyesight.

Your Customers will have instant access to their tickets for entry at your gate, right from their phone. A simplified, E-Ticket can be displayed right from their device with a large, easy to image barcode plainly visible.

If you intend to scan barcodes from a cell phone screen, you should invest in a good bar code "imager"; not a "scanner". Scanners bounce light off paper and work off reflections. They do not do well on cell phone screens. Imagers on the other hand, grab a picture, and analyze that for barcode. Those work with glowing screens, as long as your lighting keeps glares to a minimum.

Mobile Phone Sales
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