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The Chesaning Showboat sails during the second full week of July every summer. Volunteers work hard to bring wonderful entertainment to town and people come from miles around to enjoy the small town hospitality and see the show. You can find out more at our website: .

We used the New Concepts Trak Pro ticketing software for the first time this year. When we decided we needed computerized ticketing we went with Ticketmaster for two years. Our staff consists of volunteers who are not very computer savvy and Ticketmaster’s program was difficult for us to learn and complicated to use. The New Concepts program is amazing. You only have to be able to read the screen to sell tickets. We were all impressed with how easy it was to use. Our customers were also able to access our website and buy tickets online easily. If a customer lost their tickets we could replace them by checking the customer’s record and printing duplicates. At the end of the day we printed reports for balancing and closing out. We were also able to access and print sales reports that gave us details we needed just by going to any computer with internet access. We were able to see what percentage of our customers were buying online and what percentage were buying in person. We could track which acts were selling better and adjust our advertising accordingly. We can also print address labels to keep our customers informed about future events. This program is a perfect fit for our venue.

Monty Boleyn and his staff went the extra mile helping us to set up and learn the system. They never made us feel we were asking silly questions and always took the time to make sure we understood their answers. When we had some special requests for things we would like to see in our reports, Monty made adjustments to give us what we needed.

We are so happy we found New Concepts and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Angie Meder
Chesaning Showboat
Ticket Committee

Program is used to sell high school season football tickets every summer. We have approximately 1400 football season ticket holders with a total of 3800 reserved seats. New Concepts set up our football stadium design from our information so that we can sell the same seats to season ticket holders year after year. Love the program - easy to use and maintain. We like being able to design and print our own tickets and customize them to our needs. I received excellent one-on-one help from New Concepts. They always listened to my questions and helped me to understand their program and how it could work for us. Always available when I call and quick to respond. I would and have recommended this software to other school districts. This software can also be used for other events that go on in high schools; i.e, concerts, plays, etc. All customers and sales are current and up-to-date. Easy to track information.

Becky Romero
Port Neches Groves ISD
Box Office Manager

We would certainly recommend New Concepts to other venues searching for a ticketing solution. The installation and training was accomplished in two days. The system is user friendly and was quickly mastered by our part-time staff allowing us the immediate capability for online, phone, and walk-up sales with database creation and customizable detailed reporting for both reserved and general admission scenarios. The customer service is always accessible, professional and knowledgeable. The use of the New Concepts software has created substantial new revenue streams for the venue while generating savings for both Promoters and Patrons.

Linda Floyd
Batesville Civic Center
Box Office Manager

I like being able to actually talk to a real person when I'm having problems. Tick-it meets my exact needs. It is user and consumer friendly. Problems are few and far between (usually it's just me), but when it isn't, the issues are promptly checked out and corrected. The initial training was very comprehensive and I feel very comfortable doing things on my own.

Donna Briner
Frostburg State University CES
Ticketing Manager

The tech support has always been very quick to respond to our needs in a friendly manner. Pros The ease of Internet & Point of Sale ticket sales running on multiple stations has improved our customer service. The software is very user friendly allowing our staff to process the work load very efficiently. We have at our finger tips the opportunity to expand our software needs when appliciable.

Char Meier
Clovis Rodeo Association
Box Office Manager

Great System, Great support - ease of use

Rick Nelson
Volcanoes Baseball Club
VP Operations

I would highly recommend the Trak Pro products. The program features were just what we needed when we started out just doing Box Office Sales, as we progressed to on-line ticketing and running our own server the program has grown with us - in features and capabilities

Ron Edington
Chautauqua Playhouse
Box Office Operations

"NEVER have I been treated so well by technical support people as I have by you and your company. Moreover, you take the time to explain the reasoning underlying the solution that you offer for the end user's difficulties, an act much appreciated by those of us who want to know why the problem was created as well as the solution.

Furthermore, Tick-It! 2K has been a gem.  Though not flawless (we've made several suggestions about changes we'd like to see), it has performed masterfully with our theatre ticket programming.  I like the house map display when it comes up as the first thing the operator sees.  The process of selling a ticket is also a clear succession of logical steps.  Program defaults are many and varied, and the program also allows graceful modifications of existing events when the user forgets something (oops) or needs to change something (oops).  Ticket printing is fast and sure; even a rare failure to print is quickly rectified by the ticket reprint option.  The supplied (optional) Friendly Ghost Language Ticket Design program and the (optional) House Map Creator program are simple and quick to learn for anyone with a  small amount of computer knowledge.

In short, Tick-It! 2K has the most bang-for-the-buck of anything we've purchased for this theatre.  Thanks, again."

Dennis Williams
Box Office Manager
Viva Les Arts
Tick-It! 2K User

"My box office staff and I feel that Tick-It! 97 has been a lifesaver. The larger ticket systems were very much out of our price range. When I found Tick-It! 97 on the Web, I was ecstatic. Not only was it very reasonable in cost, it is Windows 95 based which makes it user friendly for the University students to operate and manage. Our audience has been very impressed and word is traveling to surrounding arts organization who have not yet computerized their ticketing. Hopefully, I will be able to share my knowledge of your technology with these organizations in the near future. An added benefit with NCS is the support you offer through the Internet. This is an incredible service. Thanks again for a wonderful product!"

" I just ran an end of the year report for ticket sales in our box office. Beginning September 1, 1997 and ending May 1, 1998, we sold 56 performances, 15,374 tickets valued at $ XX,XXX.XX . I can not imagine doing this much output without a reliable system. Plus I could run this report at the touch of a couple of buttons. Fabulous!!!! Thank you for a great system.

Tricia Applegate
Ashland University
730 Seat Hugo Young Theatre
Tick-It! 97 User
3 Network Stations

"Going from a manual ticketing system to Tick-It! allows me to sleep at night without worrying about all of the inaccuracies of hand writing orders and manually adding totals.  I can now say yes to many new ideas our Institute has that will allow our audience to grow because I am no longer spending all of my time creating reports and all of the other day to day workings because Tick-It! does it for me and much more accurately!  I am glad that I chose this system."

Emily Tevault (formerly Sorrentino)
Peabody Institute
Johns Hopkins University
Multiple Venues
Tick-It! 2K User
3 Network Stations

"I am currently updating our Tick-It! 97 to Tick-It! 2K . I am extremely pleased with your product. After many options we have settled on Tick-It! as our backbone for ticketing. Its operation is straight forward and easy for multiple individuals to use. Your support personal are extremely helpful and very understanding when we have had problems. Which I must add are few and far between. Thanks again for your wonderful product."

Grady McEvoy 
Department Chair
College of Eastern Utah
598 Seat House
Tick-It! DOS / 97 / 2K User
3 Network Stations

Tick-It! 97 was reviewed in the March, 1998 issue of Stage Directions by author Patrick Finelli.  Here is a short exerpt:

" ... If your Box Office is not computerized, then Tick-It! offers a total package for a moderate price.  If you are already paying a per-ticket price for Ticketmaster or Select-a-Seat, then Tick-It! might offer a lower cost in-house alternative  ..."

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"Tick-It! provided all the features and ease of use we were looking for at an affordable price.  Tick-It!'s graphical display was what convinced us."

Keith Ellison
Townsend Center for the Performing Arts
West Georgia College
(multiple houses)
Tick-It! for DOS User

"We just purchased Tick-It! 97 and find it fantastic. It has everything we could want!!"

Thomas Redman
Township Center for Performing Arts
Coconut Creek, Florida
715 Seat Township Community Theatre
Tick-It! 97 User

"This computerization of our box-office is one of the best things we've ever done. You've designed a great program at an affordable price. thanks again!  We really can't say enough good things about the transformation Tick-It 97 has created for our box office process."

Serena Ebhardt
Temple Theatre
Sanford, NC
339 Seat Temple Theatre
Tick-It! 97 User

"This is George Piehl at Stage One.  I came by your address and decided to send off a quick note just to tell you again that we think the software is great.  I'm sure that most of the time all you get is problem e-mail and might like to hear that the box-office program is really good."

George Piehl
Stage One Productions
Manchester, NH
(multiple houses)
Tick-It! 2K User